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Interventions That Effect Change in Psychotherapy (1998)

Interventions That Effect Change in Pyschotherapy. This was a special issue of the journal, Infant Mental Health,devoted to the groups symposium at the World Association of Infant Mental Health meeting in Tampere, Finland in July 1996.  The work was the product of the entire group but the presentations were divided in such a way that the lead author of each of the included papers was the presenter, with the others listed also as authors reflecting their joint contribution (1998). Please not that Alexandra M. Harrison & Edward Z. Tronick are no longer members of the group.

The Process of Therapeutic Change Involving Implicit Knowledge: Some Implications of Developmental Observations for Adut Pyschotherapy - Daniel Stern
The Case of Sophie - Alexandra M. Harrison
Reflections on the Process of the Psychotherapeutic Change as Applied to Medical Siutatuons - Nadia Bruschweiler-Stern
Moving Along to Things Left Undone - Alexander Morgan.
Interventions that Effect Change in Psychotherapy: A Model Based on Infant Research - Edward Z. Tronick
Interventions That Effect Change in Pyschotherapy: A Model Based on Infant Research - Louis Sander
Implicit Relational Knowing: Its Role in Development and Psychoanalytic Treatment - Karlen Lyons-Ruth
Dyadically Expanded States of Consciousness and the Process of Therapeutic Change - Edward Z. Tronick
Case Illustration_Moving Along_ And Is Change Gradual or Sudden - Jeremy Nahum
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